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Welcome to North Carolina bitch. :[

I still can't believe I still have this journal. Its been about 3 months since posted my last entry. Well, nothing really has happen since I moved from Naples to Winston-Salem. I haven't started school yet and I don't want to get into that story about it. I'm planning on going to the North Carolina School of the Arts soon. But in order to get in, I have to audition and I'm not the best Violist there is out there. In 13 days or whatever, i'm going back to Naples for Thanksgiving which i'm really looking forward for. When i'm down there, i'm gonna hang out with Sarah and all my other friends. I know that i'm not really gonna accomplish anything down there but if i do, that would be great. Also when i'm down there, i'm gonna hopefully see this guy that i really like but since i'm living in north caroilna, I know nothing really is gonna happen between us. Wait, i do have something that i'm gonna accomplish when i'm down there. I'm gonna steal my dog, Cookie. Yes i am. :]
But about north carolina. Its okay i guess. I haven't really made any friends except jesse and kim. I met Jesse at NCAS and Kim at Food Lion. they both seem really great. but other then that... i really miss living in Naples. I told my mom we should have waited til december to move up here so i can at least finish a semester at Barron and she actually agreed with me. Now since i'm not in school, i have this tiny feeling that i'm gonna be held back a year. so that would make me a sophomore again. NOT COOL AT ALL.
i told my mom that if i had to be a sophomore again that i'm gonna kill myself cuz yeah. well, i'm gonna leave it at that.
i'll try to write more if i have the time :[

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