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Today was okay. I brought alot of candy to school for orchestra. and like...i forgot to give it out! So now i still have alot of candy left over. I gave a box of nerds to nick and stan. i don't know why but i felt kinda used in a way even though i was the one who said do you want it! All the people i gave candy to never even said thank you ONCE! I think it's gonna be my last time bringing candy to school. Well, 2 more days of school til i'm offically a juinor! In my english class, i got a paper saying i have to drop one of my electives just so i can take reading because i got a 1 in the fcat test. WHAT THE FUCK..i don't wanna take reading! It's a waste of time! I fucking hate FCAT. So yeah, i have to drop Art even though i don't want to but i have to. Yeah, when i came home from school, i felled asleep. When i looked at the clock before i went to sleep it was like 2:30, and when i woke it was 7:00. It felt so good actually getting some sleep. I can't wait til the summer, i can get more sleep. I just found out that my brother broke his collar bone. He's a dumbass! haha
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