broken_dreams15 (broken_dreams15) wrote,

Walk Away

I haven't been on this in a while. Well...nothing is new...OH wait..
the kid that i liked doesn't like me like the way i wanted. I am bummed out cuz i thought we had a connection. but anyways, i'm glad like we are still friends. My myspace.. deleted a couple of months ago. so now i have a new and better one.... It's the shit.
Right now i am watching the panthers game.. they kickass right now.. like 2 more weeks til the Stanley Cup finals..
I am really looking foward for it.
OH june 6th is the day that the 4th season of Home Improvement comes out!! I am like so happy!! cuz the 4th season is like the best season! Ugh....i have to stay after school tomorrow cuz of my viola sectional. and then on friday..i have to stay after school AGAIN cuz i have an full orchestra sectional cuz were going to carneige hall in NEW YORK!!!!!AHHHHHHH i can't wait.
well i am gonna go

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