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Hey, It's been a while since I been on here. Nothing really new has happen just today was my last day of school before X-mas break. My dad got out of prison today. I am actaully happen because it kinda felt weird having a family member, especially a parent, in prison. At school was boring. I had to take my Algebra and Biology Mid-term. I pretty much failed my Algebra but I don't know about Bio. My teacher before the exam told us that it was incredably hard. Once I got it, i was pretty amazing on how easy it was. I am hoping I at least get a C. If not, oh well. In french, we watch 'Princess Bride.' I didn't watch it. Me and Hannah were just reading our books. She was reading 'Speak' i was reading 'night.' I let hannah borrow my speak movie. Well, i am gonna go. My friends are waiting outside.


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