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...and bingo was his name-o

Man, i am so bored...and i finally got the second season of home improvement. I was so lazy to get it. i been sitting for like 6 hours straight watching it over and over again...just because i am so bored...there's nothing to do here. Katie and Erin came to ask if i wanted to come outside. I honestly told them NO. I was to lazy to go outside. I got into trouble today because i didn't clean my room.HAHA. I don't know if i already told you this, but i finally got home from camp. I made 12 new friends. Genevieve, Whitney, Elizabeth, Nickol, Jennifer, Caroline, Brittany, Michala, Rachel, Roxy, Lauren, and i can't forget little Eden. She is so adorable. Man, it got really hot at nights!!! I couldn't believe it. And i felt like i was in a dungoen.HAHA. Well, i am gonna go, i am gonna finish the last episodes of home improvement, wait, tom and huck is on. CRAP, i left it on!!!!

Well love ya,
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